10.5cm, Mini Cyclamen (Autumn, Spring)

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Our mini Cyclamen are the perfect flowering plant for the winter months, their bright, showy flowers sit above their stunning silver foliage on long flower stems and look cracking in planted containers, window boxes and even indoors. Cyclamen will flower all Autumn, Christmas and into the spring. Be sure to dead head to encourage new flowers and clean any dead flowers off of the foliage to prevent disease spreading. Mini cyclamen our tough and will definitely survive a heavy frost. Keep fertilised and watered, but make sure to water in the mornings on sunny days to keep the foliage as dry as possible over night, again to reduce the chances of disease.
Our Cyclamen varieties are bred by the French breeding company Morel, who have been producing the best cyclamen in Europe for decades. We also grow our cyclamen to be very strong and weather resistant on our own nursery so you can be sure these will not disappoint and will survive. 
Silver leaf cyclamen are, in our opinion, the prettiest cyclamen you can buy. The also have better garden performance and disease resistance when compared to their green leaf counterparts.