Large Hardy 2L Chrysanthemum Balls (Summer, Autumn, Perennial)

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Garden Chrysanthemums are our favourite late summer and autumn flowering plants here at Woodlark Nurseries, with most of our outside growing areas filled up with them from May onwards. A very popular and reliable source of colour for gardeners at this time of year, when other plants can begin to look a bit tired, Garden Mums will be fresh and last well into the Autumn.
Garden Mums come in a variety of colours from oranges to yellows and whites to pinks and purples. Forming fantastic balls of colour with an amazing number of rounded flower buds per plant, they really are impressive.
Garden mums will flower for around 6-10 weeks depending on variety and the weather, be sure to fertilise and dead-head to encourage extra flowering. Whether or not Garden mums are perennial and will last from year to year is a hot topic. To improve your plants chances of surviving, plant them into the ground as early as you can so their roots can get as deep as possible. If your plants survive, give it a hefty cut back in the spring (around April) and you should have a great ball of colour once again come autumn.
Having grown Garden Chrysanthemums here at Woodlark for over 40 years, you should feel comfortable in the knowledge that you will be planting the best British grown Mums around.