1L Ivy (foliage, tray of 8 fully grown plants ) (CLICK PHOTO TO SEE MORE COLOURS) Perennial

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Our 1L Ivy are a real pot full, thick, well grown with around a 30cm trail, giving you instant impact. Our Ivy are perfect for planting into mixed containers or hanging baskets to accompany your bedding plants. 

Ivy is an evergreen perennial so will last year after year. When changing your planted containers from season to season, leave the ivy in and only change the bedding plants. This will save you money and after a year or two your ivy plants will give your container or hanging basket that fantastic traditional pub beer garden hanging basket look. Trim the ivy when it gets too long or reached the floor (it won't mind a cut back).

Our Ivy come in silver leaf, gold leaf or green leaf varieties. Generally speaking the green leaf varieties are the fastest growing. We also sell mixed trays if 8 of one colour is too many.