Fern Pteris Cretica Evergreen (Indoor, Foliage)

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Cretica Evergreen, is an extremely pretty, variegated indoor fern, with a very distinct pattern on its leaves perfect for your home or office.
This fern can reach around 50cm in perfect conditions but most likely around 20-30cm. Like most ferns this plant does not like to be in direct sunlight and certainly does not like to dry out. Make sure to keep it watered (but be careful not to waterlog the roots) and in the shade (in a office, living room or kitchen is a great environment). Feed plant to encourage new growth and to keep it green and healthy, don't be afraid to trim off any old yellowing leaves.
Buy this lovely fern with a smart ceramic pot for just £3 extra. The pot is specially designed so it drops in, leaving a gap between the bottom of the pot and the bottom of the ceramic. This ensures good drainage and helps keep the plant healthy.
Unlike nearly all other nurseries who import from overseas, these ferns are grown on site here in Hersham, Surrey so you will be receiving plants in perfect condition.