3 x 1L Dianthus Pinks *not quite as flowery but far more bushy plants than in the photo* (Summer, Autumn, Spring, Perennial)

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Our 1L Dianthus pinks are evergreen perennials so will last in-definitely, giving fantastic value for money. Coming in various stunning colours of Reds, pinks, bi-colours and whites, these Dianthus are extremely pretty and have a cottage garden feel to them. Growing to around 20-30cm tall and the same in width (depending on the variety) they are a neat plant but big enough to make an impact.
The range of Dianthus pinks that we grow are the 'Scent First' collection which is bred and put together by Whetman Pinks, and English plant breeding company from Devon, arguably breeding the most sought after Dianthus in the world.
These plants prefer full sun and well drained compost, ideal for borders, containers or even rock gardens. Bees love these flowers but they are luckily ignored by deer and rabbits. Make sure you deadhead to prolong flowering and trim lightly between flowering cycles to maintain a compact, mounded plant.
The variety 'Memories' is a standout pure white variety, winning the Best New Plant Introduction at the 2011 National Plant Show and particularly impressively, 2nd best Plant of the Year at the 2012 Chelsea Flower Show!