6 x Established, Summer Bedding Plants (spring, summer)

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Our starter plant pack includes 6 of the best summer bedding plants, hand picked and grown by us here on the nursery. All grown in peat free compost and using compostable pots so you can plant everything (pot included), meaning there's no waste.
These plants are perfect for starting your summer displays, they are all established, chunky plants with good roots so should get away no problem. Just make sure they are kept away from the cold and definitely the frost. They should survive outside from around the middle of April.
We have chosen a range of plants which include an upright geranium, some trailing plants such as surfinia, calibrachoa and bacopa plants and some semi trailing plants and some semi trailing such as verbena and the gorgeous fuchsia. They will be great in patio pots, hanging baskets or window troughs and you have enough here to fill roughly two 30cm containers.
*Please note that you may not get exactly the same plants as in the photos*