9cm Conifer (Tray of 6 plants) Autumn, Spring, Summer, Perennial, Foliage (click photo to see more colours)

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Our range of conifers are evergreen perennials, commonly used as hedging or in pots as centres pieces in hanging baskets or planted containers.
Coming in 3 colours
  • Snow White (green with white tips)
  • Elwoodi Gold (green with golden tips)
  • Elwoodi (dark green)

Coming in a 9cm pot size, around 15-20cm in height, these are quality, well grown plants that will make and instant impact and won't let you down. These Conifers can reach up to a few metres in height, growing around 40cm every year. It is important to keep them cut to the height you require. To get the best from your conifers, make sure you plant them with a well fertilised soil using some of our slow release

A common problem people have is not watering them enough following planting, you must keep them moist for a good few months until their roots have grown into the ground. If planting into a pot, make sure to water regularly.