Chilli Pepper Basket of Fire, Starter plant (summer)

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Our Chilli Pepper starter plants are perfect if you want to grow your own chilli peppers this year. Buy yours from your trusted local grower. Imagine walking into your garden and picking your own, home grown, fresh chillies, as and when you need them every day. No more having to visit the supermarket.

Chilli Pepper Basket of Fire  
The Basket of Fire is a productive as well as decorative chilli pepper. The unique, bushy growing habit of Chilli Pepper 'Basket of Fire' makes it perfect for hanging baskets and containers. This colourful variety becomes smothered with small, hot chillies which mature from deep purple through yellow and orange to a bright shade of scarlet red, creating a fabulous display. Plants show good tolerance to cool weather and will continue to fruit outside well into the autumn. These powerful peppers have a Scoville heat rating of around 80000shu, and once harvested can be dried or used fresh from the plant. Height: 30cm (12"). Spread: 50cm (20")

Chilli Care
Your chilli plants will have been grown indoors with artificial heat and light to make sure they are as healthy as possible for you. This does however mean that you shouldn't put your chilli plants straight outside when it's too cold. The general rule of thumb is to start putting your chilli plants outside for a few hours a day from the middle of May to acclimatise them (bring it in over night or if a late frost looks likely). If your lucky enough to have your own greenhouse you can start planting a couple of weeks earlier, and if its heated, even earlier. Getting a well drained compost will work wonders for chilli plants.
Here's a great in-depth guide on how to care and get the best from your Chili plants
You will get a plant/s similar to the one shown in the second photo.