Copper Green Long Tom with Ears, Glazed Pot, Empty *LOCAL DELIVERY ONLY*

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This absolutely stunning glazed long tom pot with ears is absolutely perfect if you want a sturdy, well made patio pot for filling with plants. It has a lovely large area for planting which makes it great for seasonal bedding displays or large trees. Due to it's size and weight it works well for larger plants as it won't be blown over in the wind. When you receive your pot you won't be disappointed as you will see and feel the quality straight away.


We deliver using our own vans and drivers so you do not need to worry about breakages or lifting into your garden as our team will do that for you. However the extra large size really is huge and very weighty so it is difficult to move once situated, however it really is a statement pot.


Don't be put off by the low prices, we import our pots directly ourselves and this how we can be very competitive.