Tomato Sun Baby/Sun Gold, Starter Plant

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***Buy 6 of our organic starter vegetable and fruit plants and you will get one free, this will be calculated at checkout***

6 plants for £15
Our Tomato starter plants are perfect if you want to grow your own tomatoes this year. Buy yours from your trusted local grower. Imagine walking into your garden and picking your own, home grown, fresh tomatoes every day. No more having to visit the supermarket.
All of our fruit, veg & herb starter plants:
- Are grown in peat free, organic compost
- Are grown in cardboard fully compostable pots, which are designed to be planted straight into the ground (zero waste)
- Are grown without the use of any nasty pesticides or fungicides here at Woodlark Nurseries
- Are grown by your trusted local grower, who care about what your putting in your body and cares for the environment

One of the best and most popular orange coloured cherry tomato varieties, as it has great taste and is relatively easy to grow. This tomato will, as most do, need support to grow and fruit properly. This variety boasts good flower and fruit development and very good yield, disease resistance, great colour and most importantly great flavour. Perfect for adding to salads, chopping for use in sandwiches or adding to sauces. A wonderful variety that grows between 6-12 fruits on each vine

Tomato Care
Your tomato plants will have been grown indoors with artificial heat and light to make sure they are as healthy as possible for you. This does however mean that you shouldn't put your tomatoes straight outside when it's too cold. The general rule of thumb is to start putting your tomato plant outside for a few hours a day from the start of May to acclimatise it (bring it in if a late frost looks likely). If your lucky enough to have your own greenhouse you can start planting a couple of weeks earlier, and if its heated, even earlier. A nice high nitrogen feed will work wonders.
Here's a great in-depth guide on how to care and get the best from your tomatoes
You will get a plant/s similar to the own shown in the first photo
If you are looking for a good all round feed for your Tomato plants, follow the link to our Miracle Grow liquid fertiliser below