*Multi-Buy Deal* 2L Large Dahlia Mixed x 3 pots (Summer, 3 plants in each pot)

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Dahlia is a great summer plant, that will flower all summer long until first frost. Our 2L Dahlia is a fantastic deal, the plants are very large and will fill up plenty of space in your garden. We put 3 plants in a pot and the variety we use is named Figaro, a variety which is known to be one of the best due to plant vigour and flowering time. *The plants are a mix of colours in a pot*
To make sure you get the best out of your Dahlia, make sure you feed regularly to prevent them going yellow. You must also be vigilant against pests such as Slugs and Aphids. Deadhead regularly so they plant can focus its energy creating more flowers for your enjoyment, don't be frightened to give the plant a a trim back, in the summer weather there's plenty of energy for it to re-grow.