2L Mixed Viola (Summer, Autumn, Spring, 4 plants in each pot)

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Violas are another classic British garden stalwart, coming in a lovely mixed pot you will get a lovely, pretty mix of colours within each pot. We put four plants in each pot. These fantastically tough plants will flower right into winter, survive frosts and start again in the spring. With the correct care Viola can be perennial, they can stretch in the heat so are often thrown away where they can instead be cut back and will happily come back to flower some more. Viola are probably my top winter garden plant as they will keep flowering like nothing else and don't need much dead heading.

Dead head every few weeks to ensure new flowering, encourage growth and minimise the chance of the old flowers going mouldy. Fertilise regularly to keep plants looking green and healthy. A brilliant plant which is fantastic value for money and will give months of colour.