1L Primrose, tray of 3 fully grown plants (Winter, Autumn, Spring)

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Primroses are a fantastic winter flowering plant, they come in an array of lovely colours and bi-colours. Have a look through the photos for a colour that you like. Their flowers sit upon a dark green foliage giving them a real eye catching look and makes them perfect for planted containers, borders and raised beds. Primroses will flower right through to the spring, Dead-head the flowers when it has finished blooming to encourage new ones to shoot up and flower. Primroses are hardy plants and will survive a frost, their flowers may not if it is a really hard frost. If kept fairly close to your house this isn't much to worry about. Primroses can also be used successfully as house plants, if kept by a bright but cold window-sill. They are used a houseplants on the continent and will last far longer than any cut flowers. 
To prevent any foliar diseases, it is always best to water primroses from beneath by sitting in a saucer of water for 30 minutes. Don't let the plant sit in water for any longer or it can cause root problems.
These plants are grown in 1 litre pots so they are a decent size and well-established.

If you would like a mixed tray, please specify on cart page in the 'Special instructions for seller' box.