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Our Strawberry starter plants are perfect if you want to grow your own strawberries this year. Buy yours from your trusted local grower. Imagine walking into your garden and picking your own, home grown, fresh strawberries every day. No more having to visit the supermarket.

Strawberry Care
Strawberries are really easy to grow and really tough plants. They can put up with some cold horrible weather quite well. Plant into the ground or container around April time, feed well to promote growth and fruiting. As fruits start to develop in the summer, tuck straw or fibre mats underneath your plants to keep the fruit clean. You may also need to protect the fruit from birds and other animals, we're not the only things that like their taste. 

Your strawberries should show fruits in May and be ready to eat towards the end of July.
Here's a great in-depth guide on how to care and get the best from your Strawberries

You will get a plant/s similar to the own shown in the second photo.