Chunky Seasonal Terracotta Patio Trough with Cyclamen (Autumn, Christmas)

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30cm in width, 14cm tall and 16cm deep. This premium, hand made terracotta trough planter is very quaint, perfect for putting on a window sill, patio or porch (even if your window sill is quite narrow these troughs wont fall off as they have little grips on their underside). When you receive your trough you will realise how well made it is and notice how thick the terracotta is (around 2cm). Planted skilfully by our planting team using our top quality cyclamen, making it very eye catching and colourful. This trough is lovely addition to any outside space, exuding a warm, familiar, cottage garden feel.

Frost proof (like all of our terracotta products) this trough will last for many years and is also hand made, providing great value for money.
Cyclamen are one of the best Autumn/Winter/Christmas bedding plants you can buy, due to their hardiness and disease resistance. Just dead head occasionally and keep watered if necessary to get the best out of your plants.