How To Prepare Your Flower Beds For Success

Posted by Graeme Edwards on

How To Prepare Your Flower Beds for Healthy Plants and Better Roots

Creating a stunning garden starts with the foundation - your soil. By taking the time to properly prepare your flower beds, you can set the stage for strong, healthy plants with robust roots. Let's explore the steps you can take and the products you can use to achieve the garden of your dreams.

Lakeland Gold

Peat Free for Nutrient-Rich Soil

Peat Free, Lakeland Gold, Mulch & Soil Improver is an organic mulch that not only enriches your soil but also supports vital soil organisms like worms. This peat-free and vegan-friendly product provides essential nutrients to your plants, promoting healthier growth and longevity. By incorporating Peat Free into your flower beds, you can create a thriving ecosystem that benefits both your plants and the environment.


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Enhance Aeration & Promote Healthy Growth with Lakeland Gold

When it comes to improving soil structure and aeration, Lakeland Gold is a game-changer. This innovative product helps bust clay soil, creating space for roots to expand and access oxygen. With Lakeland Gold, you can ensure that your plants receive the aeration they need to develop strong root systems and set the stage for lush, vibrant plants.


Set Your Flower Beds Up for Success

Simply fork in Lakeland gold into your current flower beds, around a foot or so deep will be plenty. A 30L bag will do a good 3-4 square metres as we're only trying to help the current soil, not completely replace it.
Take the first step towards creating the garden of your dreams by investing in the right products and techniques to prepare your flower beds effectively. Your plants will thank you with robust growth, vibrant colours, and a flourishing ecosystem that brings joy and beauty to your outdoor space.