Mini Poinsettia (Indoor, Christmas)

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These mini Poinsettia are absolutely delightful little decorations for your house, reaching around 17cm in height in a 6cm pot, they boast one large colourful head and are perfect as gifts or to brighten up your home, especially small spaces.
To best care for your Poinsettia, keep them above 15c, away from any cold draughts,  only water them from below (using a saucer) when they are dry and make sure they get as much sunlight as possible. Poinsettia are originally from Mexico so they don't mind drying out!
Woodlark Poinsettias are well known for their quality and performance in your home, we have many friends that tell us their poinsettia is still going strong, well into the new year. We look forward to you and your families enjoying our plants.