Cherry Laurel 2.5-3.5ft/80-105cm (Hedging) *LOCAL DELIVERY ONLY*

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These British grown Cherry Laurel hedge plants (also known as common Laurel) are a highly effective way to plant a laurel hedge at a small height without costing the earth.  Their size and price represents extremely good value for those who can wait for their hedge to thicken out and grow to the desired height.
Laurel hedging is extremely popular due to its evergreen vibrant green rounded leaves.  With its relatively quick annual growth, its tolerance for different soil types and its desirability as a bird nesting site, laurel remains one of the nations favourite hedging plants.
These laurel hedging plants should be planted 2ft (60cm) apart and grow around 1-1.5ft (30-45cm) a year if untrimmed.  Regular trimming will encourage your laurel hedge to thicken out to create a denser visual barrier.
Plant Portuguese Laurel with John Innes compost and some Osmocote  fertiliser for best results. Remember to water very regularly in the first year.