Poinsettia plants are a corner stone of our winter production here at Woodlark Nurseries and we have been growing these since the 80's. Over the years we have built a reputation for supplying the best quality poinsettia plants to garden centres in the south east of England. Now for the first time we are selling them directly to the local community.
Over the years we have also improved our facilities so that we can grow the best plants possible as well as chosen only the best varieties and interesting new colours so that our plants can be enjoyed for the whole festive period and well into the new year.
We have different sizes of Poinsettia which can fit every situation, table top or floor standing. We also have many interesting colours that you may not have seen before, make sure to click on the product below to view these other colours.
We look forward to you and your families enjoying a Woodlark Poinsettia. 
A fantastic Christmas gift

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