Starter Fruit, Vegetable & Herb Plants

Our starter plants are perfect if you want to grow your own fruit, vegetables and herbs this year. Buy yours from your trusted local grower. Imagine walking into your garden and picking your own, home grown crops everyday. The improved taste, quality and healthiness of home grown food is delightful as well as not having to visit the supermarket as often.
All of our fruit, veg & herb starter plants:
- Are grown in peat free, organic compost
- Are grown in cardboard fully compostable pots, which are designed to be planted straight into the ground (zero waste)
- Are grown without the use of any nasty pesticides or fungicides here at Woodlark Nurseries
- Are grown by your trusted local grower, who care about what your putting in your body and cares for the environment

Sorry, there are no products in this collection.