10.5cm Festina Blue Grass (Perennial, Summer, Autumn, Spring, Foliage)

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Festina Blue Grass is another stunning grass we grow here at Woodlark. It has a brilliant silver blue foliage 
Perfect for using in planted arrangements, hanging baskets and in raised borders, this grass will stay fairly compact (around 25cm in height), and pairs well with lots of other plants.

This grass is perennial but will lose its colour if it gets too cold, don't get too concerned, it will come back to colour again in the spring. Take out discoloured blades by combing out with your fingers. Make sure you water the plant well until it is established and has a good root system. When it is well rooted (as most grasses) It doesn't need much TLC.
Older grasses (after 2-3 years) tend to die out a bit in the centre but you can rejuvenate them by division, simply dig out the grass, cut it in half (the centre part will pull out by hand, leaving you with two healthy plants. 
A fantastic plant, which you can make beautiful modern looking arrangements with. Great value for money.