10.5cm Primroses Primula Tray of 6 (Autumn, Spring, Indoor)

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Our Autumn flowering primrose are cracking little plants that will brighten up any display, perfect for planting into outdoor containers, hanging baskets or even raised beds. Primroses come in many different colours which stand out amongst their dark green foliage. Be sure to dead head Primrose to encourage more flowers and to prevent the old flowers going mouldy. Primroses are best grown or planted in a half-sheltered area, when they get wet and damp for days it can lead to disease problems with the flowers and foliage.
Primroses can also be successfully grown as houseplants, on a window, where they can get lots of light is the best place. Always water from below to prevent any disease problems and like always dead head regularly.
A cracking versatile winter plant that can be used indoor and out and with the correct care, can last throughout the winter and well into the spring.