10.5cm Thyme Silver Posie (Perennial, Summer, Autumn, Spring, Foliage)

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Thyme grows into a mound about 30 cm tall with many variegated. the two varieties we grow are Golden Queen which and Silver Posie. They are both spectacular all year round and in the summer you get some pink flowers. Available for harvesting all year round, this thyme requires little maintenance.
Although more ornamental than common thyme, both of these Thyme's culinary effectiveness is no less and as such, it is a complement to garden thyme rather than an alternative. Thymes prefer poor soil and if grown in good rich soil they, counterintuitively, lose all flavour, so treat this thyme mean in a stony, shallow top-soiled area but do keep it in the sun which encourages the aromatic oils to come to the surface of the leaf to give it a better flavour. It is a natural fit in any herb garden where it looks lovely with oreganos, chives and all the other usual herbs.