10.5cm Zonal Geranium (Spring, Summer)

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Zonal Geraniums, also known as pelargoniums are a spring/summer garden stalwart that are one of the most popular spring and summer plants for a reason. They are fantastic. These plants come in a deep, velvety, royal red that glistens in the afternoon sun, on a fantastic dark green foliage. They love the heat and will last right through to the end of summer with not too much care and attention.

Our zonal geraniums are:  

- Ideal for borders, hanging baskets and containers
- Drought tolerant, great for sunny locations
- Cutting raised with outstanding performance
- Well established plants grown here on the nursery
- Will grow to roughly 30cm with a spread of roughly 25cm

Protect from early frost, dead head and feed regularly and these will look fantastic until the first autumn frost

These plants will come in a 10.5cm pot and be around 20-30cm tall.