1L Pansy, Tray of 3 Plants (Summer, Autumn, Spring)

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A true British Garden stalwart. These plants will flower through the winter months until the summer. Pansies are perennials that are fantastic for using in troughs, baskets, pot and border displays. Their colourful flowers are often prettily marked in the centre and look like faces – sometimes with darker blotches, or ‘whiskered’, or plain. Pansies flower all year round but are particularly useful in winter, when little else is in bloom.
Remove faded/dead flowers as this will encourage your Pansies to produce more blooms and prolong blooming season! They do best in a fertile soil in sun or part shade. If you're planting them in pots, use a multi-purpose compost. If you're planning to plant them in the ground improve soil with well-rotted organic matter before planting and ensure you give them a good soaking at first planting.
Regular watering, feeding, and deadheading will keep pansies looking good and encourage more flowers.