1L pot Solanum (Tray of 3 fully grown plants) (Summer, Autumn, Spring, Perennial)

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Solanum Pseudocapsicum, commonly know as the Jeruselum Cherry or Christmas Cherry, is a fantastic plant that shows Bright Orange berries on a dark green contrasting foliage from around September well into Christmas. Growing to around 35cm in height in a lovely bushy fashion, this plant is perfect to use for centre pieces in planted containers. Solanum is just about hardy enough to survive a UK winter (if kept near your house or in a porch, they will be ok).


Great for Halloween as well as Christmas decorations as the berries will be fully Orange and bright by that time.

Solanum can also be successfully grown as houseplants, just make sure that they get good light and plenty of fertiliser. To ensure your Solanum come back year after year cut them back in the spring around March or April time.


A great value for money plant that can give you years of joy with the correct care.