2L Large pot of Tulips (Autumn, Spring, Bulbs)

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Have a look at the wonderful tulip mixes! One pot with a gorgeous mix of tulips to brighten up your spring.
Tulips are probably our most favourite bulbs, coming in an extensive range of colours, bi-colours and more, their flowers are really a thing of beauty and a timely reminder that the seasons are changing for the better.

Our tulips will flower in the spring and will grow to around 20-40cm in height depending on variety. Tulips like all other will prefer a well draining soil and protection from getting waterlogged. Our tulips like most bulbs are perennial so should come back year on year and give you continuous joy.
Coming in a large 2 litre pot these can be put straight out or planted, whatever you'd prefer. You MUST take a look at the mixes we have which have been put together by us over the years to give a wonderful spring show!