30L Extra Strength Peat Free Wool Compost

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Our first, multi-purpose, p.eat free compost. Produced in the Lake District by Dalefoots Compost. 100% peat free, this compost is made from sheeps wool and bracken, it is formulated for using in containers, hanging baskets and beds.
  • 12 months feed
  • 50% less watering 
  • Healthier blooms
  • High natural potash
  • Approved for organic growing
The wool has a high level of nitrogen which acts as a slow release fertiliser with outstanding water retention characteristics. The Bracken offers natural potash which boosts flowering and helps encourage fruits. Combined, these two elements posses a wide range of naturally occurring trace elements for good plant health.
Mix in with your own compost or soil, for best results. Perfect for dry soils to minimise chances of drought or excessive drying. If your hanging baskets dry out too quickly, try this.
Grow healthy plants organically whilst supporting British Businesses.