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The most cost effective and handy way to buy high quality compost.
This handy bag of professional compost is perfect if you don't need a whole 50 litres. It is lightweight and easy to carry, and contains roughly 7.5 litres of. The compost will work well for the majority of plants, from flowers, bedding plants, tomatoes and nearly all houseplants (apart from succulents as they need a coarser mix.
- Great value
- Convenient
- High quality
This compost really is the best you can buy, it is exactly the same as what we use for all of our plants here on the nursery. The bags are filled from the huge potting machine before it goes into the pots. This compost is a greatly peat reduced mix, containing 40% wood fibre and 60% peat. The compost also has Osmocote exact slow release fertiliser mixed in, so your plants won't need feeding for the first six months.