Easy Watering Leaky Hose with Hose Connector (Hedging)

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Leaky Hose is the best way to properly water your borders, beds and hedges. Just plug it into an existing hose using the pre-fitted connector and off you go. using the leaky hose is a far better and easier way to water. Save your time and water.
Imagine turning a tap on and running it over a dried out sponge, most of the water will run off, whereas if you drip the water on one drip at a time, the sponge will absorb an awful lot more water. This is the principle of leaky hose.
Our leaky hose (also known elsewhere as porous pipe or soaka-hose) looks like a rough edged hosepipe and should be laid at the base of your borders, beds or hedges.  When switched on, the leaky hose will slowly release water onto the ground below at a slow and controlled rate.
Your leaky hose can be run once or twice a week (depending on the weather). As the water is seeping out so slowly this is a very efficient way to use water and you will not end up wasting water.
We sell leaky hose in rolls of either 5m, 10m, 15m, 25m or 50m. We can also supply longer lengths if necessary, give us a call in this case.