2L Dianthus Sweet William Mixed (Perennial, Summer, Autumn, Spring)

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Sweet William is a fantastic, old-fashioned, cottage garden plant. The variety we grow is named 'Dash'. Dash is slightly un-usual as it acts as a perennial so will come back every year.  It bears masses of showy clusters of fragrant, flowers with a tiny white eye, late spring into summer. Coming in mixed, which ranges from whites, pinks and velvet reds, the flower stems also work well as a cut flower, which you can cut of and bring inside whilst new flower stems grow, giving even more value for money. Plants will grow fairly tall, to around 40-50cm so are great for centre pieces in planters or towards the rear of beds. Plants are easily divided in early autumn or spring. Remove fading flowers to encourage more buds to form. Prune plants back hard in midsummer if they become scruffy or floppy.