2L French Marigold mixed (Summer)

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A classic bedding plant and a fantastic one at that. In our opinion it has the best garden performance out of all the annuals, it is a pretty tough plant and can take a wet summer and still look great, right into the autumn. Our marigolds are mixed in a pot so you will get a variety of orangey, reds and yellows to brighten up your garden. Can be used in both borders and containers, 
Marigolds are also used to repel garden pests and is commonly used around or close to vegetable crops to prevent pest damage.
A very good bedding plant for many reasons.

Customer Reviews

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Izabel Sequeira
Did not receive the same as per the picture

I sent an email to customer service with a picture of the flowers I received and got back a very silly answer saying there is a line of red as it will eventually turn as per the picture on the website. Unfortunately over a week now and still it’s a bright yellow and now same as per the picture, which it was obvious from day 1 it’s not even the same flower. I thought to myself to said never to order or suggest the company.

Maria Taylor

Good quality plants received. Highly recommend this company

Jenny Hooper
Beautiful plants

Beautiful plants in great condition. Very pleased with my purchase. Can highly recommend.