Osmocote Preplant 1kg (slow release fertiliser)

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Osmocote Preplant is a slow release fertiliser which you mix into the compost when planting your containers, baskets, beds and borders to ensure the plants stay fertilised and healthy throughout the summer. 

The Osmocote PrePlant comes in small pellets which have a specially designed coating, releasing the fertiliser over a period of months. Please read instructions as you only need a really small amount per container or area, too much could lead to over-fertilisation and poor plant growth. You can always add more, if and when necessary.

This fertiliser is BY FAR THE BEST on the market and is what we use, pre-mixed in our huge commercial compost bales. Trust us when we say this as we have tried many (cheaper) slow release fertilisers which are rubbish in comparison. We really recommend this product, to ensure our plants flourish right through the summer!