Portuguese Laurel 2-3ft/60-90cm (Hedging) *LOCAL DELIVERY ONLY*

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British grown Portuguese Laurel hedge plants are an economic way to plant a dense and bushy hedge. Portuguese Laurel is relatively slow growing, around 1 foot (30cm) of growth a year if untrimmed. It forms a dense evergreen hedge with dark green leaves and produces a proliferation of small white flowers in late spring, fantastic for a formal look.
It can be grown as a small hedge of 3-4ft (90-120cm) in height but will be equally happy if grown as a taller hedge of 6-7ft (180-210cm) to give that all important eye level privacy.
A 3ft Portuguese Laurel hedge will need to be trimmed annually in the spring or autumn.  We recommend trimming in the spring before a new flush of growth.
We recommend planting these Portuguese Laurel at 2ft (60cm) apart, if you would like a thicker hedge more quickly plant them at 1ft intervals.
Portuguese Laurel is tolerant of most soil types although it does not like waterlogged soil.  It also grows quite happily in full sunshine or in partial shade making it versatile for a number of different situations.
Plant Portuguese Laurel with John Innes compost and some Osmocote  fertiliser for best results. Remember to water very regularly in the first year.