9cm Potted Narcissus (Autumn, Spring, Bulbs)

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Narcissus are in short a dwarf, rockery Daffodil. They come in various different varieties, all with slightly different flowers and shades of oranges, yellows and whites. Narcissus differ from the traditional Daffodills as they are a lot shorter, reaching around 20cm in height. There are 2 or 3 narcissus bulbs in each pot, which will throw up a good few flowers each.
Our bulbs are potted and temperature treated here on the nursery so with a bit of good weather these may flower before Christmas. Narcissus can also be bought inside and used as a house plant for their lovely scent. They may need staking if they get too warm indoors, keeping them cooler will prolong flowering. Most commonly used outside in the garden these versatile and are perfect for patio containers, beds or borders and even for naturalising in grass. Like most bulbs these will come back year on year so offer great value for money.